Getting married in Italy is becoming an international trend, it is a synonym of elegance and class; Benny Fadlun, in order to support this predilection for the Italian culture and art, will perform the best of the Italian traditional songs in a fully “made in Italy” show, which attracts and bewitches the international audience, enchanting his guests with unforgettable emotions.


By interpreting this new trend, Benny Fadlun and his musical band, the Mazaltovband, have become a point of reference for marriages’ entertainment in Italy; not only for people living there, but also for people coming from other countries who choose the Bel Paese as the ideal place to celebrate their marriages.


Moreover, thanks to his long – lasting experience in the organization of marriages in Italy, Benny Fadlun will be delighted to recommend to his clients the best Kosher’s collaborators in every sector related to the organization of marriages: photographers, video – operators, caterers as well as locations, without overlooking florists and car rentals.


Benny Fadlun offers a full professional service to people who want to celebrate their marriage in Italy, assisting spouses also for the Religious Ceremony in Italy as well as for their Marriage in the various Jewish Temples in Italy. Now it is time for you to choose the Bel Paese and buy your ticket.